Maverick plugin for eclipse




  • Xdoclet like tags for controllers
  • Controllers can be tagged with @maverick-factory @maverick-controller and @maverick-view. These tags are used when creating new commands from maverick navigator or from outline (right click) when editing maverick.xml.

    @maverick-controller tags the class to be visible in create new command dialog

    @maverick-view gives a hint about what are the view names the controller will return. This information is used when doing new commands in the reesulting xml.

    package org.infohazard.friendbook.ctl;
     * The controller for the submission of the change password form.  Since
     * the error case simply sends back to the changePassword view, we extend
     * the initial ChangePassword controller to accomodate its form values.
     * @maverick-controller
     * @maverick-view name="success"
     * @maverick-view name="error"
     * @maverick-view name="loginRequired"
    public class ChangePasswordSubmit extends ChangePassword
    	public void setOldPassword(String value) { this.oldPassword = value; }
    	public void setNewPassword(String value) { this.newPassword = value; }
    	public void setNewPasswordAgain(String value) { this.newPasswordAgain = value; }
  • Controller,view and tranform overlays
  • Important resources are decorated with overlays so you instantly notice the right resources.

  • Ant buildable projects
  • Even if mavplug helps you to write maverick based web applications it does not bound you to use it. Every project generated with mavlug includes full ant build scripts that can be used to build the project from command line.

  • Maverick perspective
  • There is allready a simple implementation of maverick perspective (a layout) whick can be used to develop maverick applications.

  • Maverick navigator
  • Contents of maverick.xml file can be wieved in a navigator (+ outline view). Navigator can also be used to jump into controller java files and view files (jsp, vm, ...) to quickly navigate into files of interest.

  • Maverick parser
  • Maverick.xml files will be validated to be valid xml (errors will be flagged)

  • Maverick editor
  • Editing maverick.xml without writing xml

  • Dialogs for easier editing of maverick.xml configuration file
  • A simple xml editor (with syntax highlighting) for editing maverick,xml files


    This section will list the tasks I have in mind in no specific order

  • Add more skeletons
    add some more project skeletons
  • Write tutorial for working with maverick on eclipse
    Write a tutorial describing my environment when doing web-app development with eclipse.
  • Other ideas of improvement

    Other ideas/features that could be implemented

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