Maverick plugin for eclipse

Maverick Plugin for Eclipse


Welcome to Maverick plugin for Eclipse!

I am currently working on integrating the maverick plugin to use wtp enhancements introduced in eclipse 3.1. This eases up the development of maverick web projects further. See some screenshots.

Version 0.3.0 of plugin was released on 2005-02-06. See downloads!
For complete list of changes see Changes

MavPlug is maturing. I use it now myself for maverick development so the first milestone is reached. For more information about the features please check the features page.

I am currently developing the plugin on eclipse 3.1.0/Linux and your mileage may wary on other OSes and/or versions.

If you try module on some other configuration please give me some feedback on the results.

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If you like to join in development effort please drop me a line or submit patches, bugreports etc.

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